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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Adapting “Among the Birches”

Among the Birches is a design that can be adapted in many different ways.

Not only can you adjust it to the size you want: longer/shorter or wider/narrower, but you can also work it in parts that can stand on their own.

Don't want to work the whole piece? Too much knitting? Or you don't have enough yarn? It is easy to work this design as a shawl or a scarf as well. The design is essentially three rectangles: the large one for the Back and two smaller ones, each slighly larger than half the Back. Any of these rectangles can work on their own as well.

Take, for example, the Right Front.
You can follow the directions for the Right Front, continue the pattern to the length you like, then add the end borders to both ends, according to the directions for the Lower Border. For the side borders, follow the directions. You may have to adjust how many stitches to pick up and knit for your length, but the formula for how to do that is in the pattern. You can choose to omit the short-row shaping at the shoulder--or leave it in for a more unusual shape to your scarf.
When done, you will have a beautiful scarf, worked on the bias. Because the stitch pattern is Garter Stitch with rows of wrapped stitches thrown into the mix, it will be reversible. You may even prefer the "wrong side". You can choose to work either the Right or Left Front for your scarf version.

As for making a shawl version, just take the instructions for the Back and work them in the same way. You will have a chevron-shaped design decorating the fabric of your shawl.
Add more stitches to each "triangle" before joining them and working them together, if you want more width.
These are a few ideas of how to make of the most of this design. I'm sure you will come up with more of your own.

Posted by Ilga Leja on 10/07 at 01:44 PM
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