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Friday, January 30, 2009

Beech Wood in Winter

The beech is the one of the deciduous trees which holds onto its leaves during winter, simply not relenting to allow them to drop to the ground.

The other is the oak. I haven't conducted a scientific study on this, but I suspect that the beech is even more tenacious. In my walks in the woods these days, I still see beech leaves in profusion, gnarled and beaten though they may look. I haven't noticed any oak leaves any more.

For me, the beech is a symbol of patience and endurance, a not-giving-up under the most trying conditions. Some might call the beech stubborn, even cantankerous. But I see it as a hopeful sight. Every time I see a beech, its russet leaves the only note of colour in the winter woods, I feel surprise at first, then joy.
The drab woods become transformed, a place of beauty.

The persistent beech is what I had in mind when I designed Beech Wood, the free pattern which seems to have garnered the same steadfastness as its namesake.
Originally designed as a companion piece to my Mythic Forest Collection of 2007, it continues to be popular. 205 projects to date on Ravelry.com, with over 700 queued.

And the variety. There are so many beautiful versions of this design, that I am stunned by them. Some made with knitter's personal handspun yarn. Others in the most exotic colours. This quiet little project seems to have taken on a life of its own, winter or no winter...

Posted by Ilga Leja on 01/30 at 11:25 PM
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