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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Inspired, An Exhibition

Whenever the word "Inspired" comes up, I pay attention.

This time it came up as the title of an exhibition at the Mary E. Black Gallery in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The full title of the show is Inspired: New Works Inspired by Nova Scotia's Heritage. And it includes three knitted pieces!

What's more they are all by a friend, who is also a sample knitter for some of my designs, Julie Rosvall of Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Her contributions to this show range from the seemingly ordinary to the truly inventive.

All the pieces in the show are inspired by an artifact in a Nova Scotia museum or heritage site. Here is Julie's silk and wool cap, inspired by the weaving designs of Mary Black. Julie converts the weaving pattern into a band of fair-isle knitting using locally dyed yarns.
Then there is her stunning red moebius scarf, inspired by a show at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia which explores the colour red--and the difficulty that is involved in reproducing this colour in ceramic glazes, fabric dyes, etc. In her piece, Julie not only uses red yarns in the knitting, but after it is finished overdyes it to create a truly vibrant, outstanding piece.
The final piece is the one that really grabs one's attention. Inspired by the printed works of artist Betty Goodwin from a show at the Dalhousie University Art Gallery, Julie takes a knitted swatch in "Dutch Lace:
And, like Betty Goodwin who printed all kinds of everyday objects to create altogether new and unusual images, Julie created a print image of the swatch:
Here it looks eerily like snakeskin, and bears only the slightest rsemblance to the original. They are both hauntingly beautiful.

There are many other exciting pieces in the Inspired Show, by jewellers, weavers, basketmakers, carvers, and many others. It is a beautiful show and well worth a visit.

From 10 June to 24 July at the Mary E. Black Gallery, 1060 Marginal Road, Suite 140, Halifax, Nova Scotia, tel. 902-492-2522.
Admission is free.

Photo credits:
"Hat" and "Red" by Perry Dyke Photography
"Dutch Lace" original swatch and print by Julie Rosvall

Posted by Ilga Leja on 06/29 at 09:24 PM
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