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Saturday, February 13, 2016

To the Manor Born at the Tinsmith’s Wife

The Tinsmith's Wife in Comfort, Texas is planning a knit-along for the To the Manor Born cowl and other patterns in Knitting Elegance 2016.

This is what they had to say about the current project:

Ilga Leja has done it again with an amazing and fun project to knit! Ilga’s patterns go so perfectly with Fleece Artist fibers - and the Tree Wool is so soft with amazing drape (and the colors are the bomb)!

Ilga Leja Handknit Design is one of our very favorite designers, and we are so excited with the new Knitting Elegance 2016 endeavor for this year!  By signing up you will receive at least 8 patterns throughout the year - and knowing Ilga, they will all be extremely awesome.

Dad finished the first pattern out for 2016 - To the Manor Born - in lovely Fleece Artist Tree Wool.  Wow!  This is a stellar project - and the Tree Wool is without a doubt a lovely yarn.  We have a great supply of colors to make To the Manor Born. 

We only knitted the project in two colors versus the three that Ilga called for… Loved the monochrome nature of the finished project.

Don't you want to join us in the fun?! If anyone wants to join us as we knit Knitting Elegance 2016 - let me know, and we will get a knitalong on the calendar!   You can get all the information on Knitting Elegance 2106 here.

Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Do let them know at the Tinsmith's Wife if you would like to join in!

Posted by Ilga Leja on 02/13 at 09:40 PM