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I am a knitwear designer based in Nova Scotia, although my roots extend from Latvia to Newfoundland. My work is characterized by classic silhouettes, unique construction, and playful use of stitch patterns.

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Year of Kaleidoscope Knitting 2020 Club

For 2020, I am offering a series of patterns and tutorials to explore this fascinating new approach to knitting that I am calling "kaleidoscope knitting". Like the images in a kaleidoscope, the work is made up of sections that build on each other, resulting in an explosion of colour and shapes.

The most recent addition to the Kaleidoscope Knitting Collection is Water Music:

Other recent patterns include Petals Galore:

Spell of the Evening and Windswept:

Sea and Shore Club

The Sea and Shore Club 2018  includes four patterns:

Breaking Waves vest, Sea Storm poncho, Coveside shawl, and Shoreside capelet.


Ravelry version: Sea and Shore Club

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